Kaleidoscopic Absolution

A Silver the Hedgehog Multimedia Zine

A Free Digital Zine focused on possible alternate timelines with both canon and AU elements!

Now in Creation Phase

Facts and Questions

What's a fanzine?

A fanzine (or zine for short) is a collaborative collection of artworks and/or writing focusing on a fandom, a character or a theme.Our zine is focused on Silver the time-traveling Hedgehog, and the many alternate futures he'll come across! It will be divided in five different themes:

Utopia - A future too good to be true
Dystopia - A future where everything went wrong
Post-apocalypse - A disaster-stricken future
Memories - Looking back to what once was
Rebuilding - Building a new world from what is left

How can I get the zine?

Kaleidoscopic Absolution will be available to download for free!

What kind of art will be featured in the zine?

Kaleidoscopic Absolution will be a multimedia zine! We would love to feature non-traditional art and writing pieces, as well as music, animation, minigames... The sky's the limit!

Which characters are allowed?

This zine will focus on Silver. His friends are allowed to show up in the zine.This zine won't feature original characters / fan characters, only canon characters from the Sonic universe.Because of the AU elements the canon characters can diverge from how they are depicted depending on the timeline and how they are affected.

Are ships allowed?

This zine will contain Silver and his relationship to his friends but will not feature any romantic relationships.

I've got another question!

About the Zine

This zine explores the concepts of the alternative futures.Think about unique ways to depict possible futures and how Silver would deal with them.



A future too good to be true

Imagine a world without strife or disasters. A place where Silver and his friends could live happily in peace…Without the responsibility to become a hero, how would Silver have lived in a world like that?


A future where everything went wrong

Imagine a world with a devastated environment or an iron-fisted government, or maybe caught up in an endless war…When it seems like everyone has lost all hope, how would Silver navigate the world at its worst?


A disaster-stricken future

Imagine Silver surviving Iblis’ reign, or a zombie apocalypse, or even a perpetual ice age…In a future so ruined to the point it could not recover, what would Silver's life look like?


Looking back to what once was

Remember what time periods Silver has traveled to in order to fix the future. From Sonic’s present to far far in the past…How did Silver's travels affect his friends and himself, do they even remember it happening at all?


Building a new world from what is left

Even a time traveler can’t prevent every disaster, but that wouldn’t stop Silver from trying to do good in the world with what he got!After all his efforts to save these futures, in what way can Silver move on and help rebuild the world?

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Contributor Apps OpenAug 19
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All Invites SentSep 30
Pitch Check InOct 15
First Check InNov 20
Second Check InJan 5
Final Check InFeb 24
Release DateMar 23



Head mod | He/They

I love silver so much I literally made up a whole ass game for him for my game art grad project


Mod Manager | She/Her

Excited to be a part of another Sonic zine! I can already tell that this will be so fun, the future is looking bright


Writing Mod | Any

I'm a chaotic creator who wants to be everywhere at once!
There's still a lot to uncover about Silver, and his zine sounds fun to be in~


Graphic Design Mod | She/They

Zine contributing enthusiast, but modding for the first time. Ready to do my best (>o<)ノ✧
Precious SSS trio are my babies


Social Media Mod | She/Her

Social Media Mod for Sonic World Adventure and Live & Learn — I will only rest when every Sonic character gets their zine ☆


Intern Mod | They/Them

Silver was my favorite hog as a kid, and I’ve always loved the concept of alternate timelines. I can’t wait to see how this project turns out!


Intern Mod | She/Her

Artist, Animator and Sonic Extraordinaire by trade, I hope to expand my abilities to modding so that my love for Silver can shine through!


Intern Mod | She/Her

I'm a newer fan of the series but I'm excited to make this project a reality :-)